Leaders of Color 2023 Application

The Leaders of Color program is seeking Black and Latino community leaders who aspire to improve the local, state, and national education systems through public service and civic engagement in their communities. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of Black and Latino leaders who may not typically have the opportunities and institutional support to run for public office, helping them develop the skills and leadership experiences needed to make a global impact.

Ideal candidates will possess the following core competencies and characteristics:
- Demonstrate a deep commitment through action or orientation to the movement for educational excellence and equity
- Are committed to achieving educational outcomes that benefit Black and Latino children
- Are action-oriented leaders who have a history of community relationships and connections
- Are committed and believe in public service as an extension of leadership
- Have vision and purpose
- Are interpersonally savvy

If this sounds like you, please complete the application below! Please share this application with others in your network who you think would benefit from the Leaders of Color program.

This application will close on December 1, 2022.

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Speak to your experience building or improving an organization. Identify a leadership role you play in any former (last two years) or current organization. Talk about bottoms up, grassroots building.

Share your thoughts around equity issues that impact Black and Latino communities like education and school reform, carceral systems, environmental justice, or other passion issues.

Speak to any examples of what you have done in the community over the past 3-5 years that has had some kind of impact. Identify three community stakeholders who would support you and/or you would be a champion for them. Speak about the importance of community organizing. Share any community organization(s) you are affiliated with and, if any, leadership role(s) you play with the organization. Share major issues that are facing your communities.

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