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Leaders of Color identifies, trains, and supports community-based Black and Brown civic leaders, empowering them with the tools and resources to advance educational equity and the broader cause of racial justice. Since our launch in 2018, 116 leaders have graduated from our program and are now leading change in their communities. Our alumni serve in elected office, lead community-based organizations, and steer Boards of Directors.  Our goal is to train 400 Fellows by 2023 across eight sites.

The Leaders of Color program is seeking Black and Latino community leaders who aspire to public service and civic engagement in their communities. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of Black and Latino leaders, who have a hyper-focused lens on education and equity. We specifically support leaders who may not typically have the opportunities and institutional support to run for public office, helping them develop the skills and leadership experiences needed to make a global impact. Ideal candidates will possess the following core competencies and characteristics:

• Have demonstrated a deep commitment through action or orientation to the movement for educational excellence and equity
• Are action-oriented leaders who have a history of community relationships and connections
• Are committed and believe in public service as an extension of leadership
• Have vision and purpose
• Are interpersonally savvy

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