Announcing Leaders of Color Class of 2023

February 17, 2023

We are very excited to announce our new class of over 60 leaders in Louisiana, Memphis, and Washington, D.C.! These leaders are passionate advocates for equitable policy, community engagement, and civic action in their communities.‍

“Each fellow brings something powerful and unique to their communities and to leadership within them.  Over the coming year, it is our goal to provide these community leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools that they need to make a positive impact on their local public schools, their local communities, and well beyond.” said Mike Bland, Vice President, Leaders of Color. 

Since our launch in 2018 in Memphis, Leaders of Color has built a powerful group of more than 200 leaders across the nation who are united in our mission to improve education outcomes for Black and Latino children by identifying, training and elevating Black and Latino community leaders to create civic and political change. Leaders of Color program alumni are impacting both political and civic spaces across the nation. Some 75 percent are in community leadership positions and 32 percent are engaged politically, either running for political office themselves or serving on a campaign.  

Please join us as we welcome our new leaders:

Memphis, TN 

  • Audrey Elion
  • Lenell Burton
  • Constance Brown
  • Jervonte Richardson
  • Margaret Cowan
  • Keisha Scott
  • Joshua Adams
  • Andrea Jacobo 
  • Amber Sherman
  • Geno Brown
  • Damon Morris 
  • LJ Abraham
  • Francisco Alvarez
  • German Gonzalez
  • Daniela Hernandez
  • Arturo Colunga
  • Sandra Pita
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Angshylea Jones
  • Lindsay Nicole Porter
  • Lucero Amador
  • Rachael Spriggs
  • Toni Hayes

Washington DC 

  • Andre Aina
  • Ashley Daisley
  • Candace Ricks
  • Cathleen McCargo
  • Crystal Gray
  • David Reed
  • Emmanuel Bestman
  • Gabriella Woo
  • Geovanny Vicente-Romero
  • Jose Perez Guerrero
  • Ka'Nedria Boldin
  • Kenneth Addo
  • LaDan Johnson
  • Letisha Vinson
  • Minetre Martin
  • Musa Kamara
  • Natasha Dupee
  • Terrance Brown
  • Terrell Danley
  • Victoria Harvey
  • Victoria Akinseye
  • Yinzu Nairouz
  • Yolanda Corbett
  • Yolanda Anderson


  • Anthony Kenney
  • Billy Anderson
  • Dr. Brian Turner
  • Chantrisse Burnett
  • Cleveland Auzenne
  • Daryl "Joy" Walters
  • J. Christopher Johnson
  • James Baker
  • James Self
  • Jarred Jupiter
  • Jason Gale
  • Jerome Johnson
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Josh Davis
  • Karen Burks
  • Kayla Santiago
  • Keisha Fleming
  • Keith Bradford
  • Latifah Gray
  • Melvin Ukaegbu
  • Micah Nicholas
  • Michael La'Fitte, II
  • Micheal Franklin
  • Morgan Walker
  • Dr. Renee Akbar
  • RJ Johnson
  • Simeon Dickerson
  • Sydney Epps

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