Celebrating our 2022 Graduates!

August 31, 2022

In 2022, the Leaders of Color program proudly graduated our largest class of Black and Hispanic community and political leaders in Louisiana, Memphis, New York, and Washington D.C.! We are proud that since 2018, nearly 200 Black and Hispanic graduates of our program have taken their innate community leadership skills to the next level.

Here are some quick facts about the impact our alumni are having in their communities: 

  • 40 of our alumni have already run or are currently running for office
  • 32 of our Leaders of Color are currently involved in advocacy campaigns to improve their communities

  • 30 of our graduates have been appointed to community or non-profit boards of directors

  • 6 of our leaders have founded their own non-profit organizations

  • 100% of our graduates are leaders who are focused on improving education outcomes for Black and Hispanic students in their communities and across the nation. 

Please join us in celebrating our Class of 2022 graduates! 


  • Brent Bailey
  • Dr. Christina Payne-Hull
  • Mia Gonzales-Washington
  • Erin Marrero-Savoy
  • Tai Teamer
  • Briana Rock
  • Ravis K Martinez
  • Dr. Sojourner Gibbs
  • Drew Thompson
  • Tatiana Begault
  • Dale Flowers
  • Brittani Nelson
  • Kristen Smith
  • L Jameel  Shaheer
  • Bianca Moore
  • Tim Ambrose Jr.
  • Laketa Smith
  • Derek Bardell
  • Hillary Robinson
  • Tonya Collins
  • Felicia Williams
  • Raymond Allmon
  • Rev. Dr. Joe Connely


  • CJ Harris 
  • Danielle Huggins
  • Jason Sharif
  • K. Durrell-Cowan
  • Kathryn Winsley
  • Keesha Roach
  • Lynn Whitney-Williams
  • Maria Oceja
  • Maria Richardson
  • Melissa Williams-Gooch
  • Michael Leakes
  • Nicole Gates
  • Shaun Williams
  • Sheena Clark
  • Aaron Washington

New York:

  • Sheba Simpson-Amsterdam
  • Annmarie Martinez
  • Alicia McGrath
  • Clarisa Alayeto
  • Lessie Branch
  • Tania Capaz
  • Jessica Cortes
  • Camila Valentin 
  • Jhanae Cole
  • Jasper Diaz
  • Diego Yangali
  • Kristine Rivera
  • Fatu Massalee 
  • Zoraya Flor 
  • Kateryn Ferreira
  • Kelvin Howell
  • Isa Judd
  • Kyesha Ruffin
  • Dafny Irizarry
  • Leanna Pearson
  • Malynda V. Rascoe
  • Symiara Jenkins
  • Yamila Martinez 
  • Ramdat Singh
  • Natasha Cherry-Perez

Washington D.C.:

  • Allan Rogers
  • Amilcar Guzman
  • Antonia Oviedo
  • Bryan Buckley
  • Bryson Wilson
  • Chioma Oruh
  • Jayme Birgy
  • Joyce Doyle
  • Mario Enriquez
  • LaJoy Johnson-Law
  • Yvonne Miller

Honors Program: The Honors Program was created in 2021 to provide strategic support to leaders of color who are active candidates for public office when they join our program. Our inaugural class included:

  • Dr. Anthony Andrews - New York, NY
  • Charlie Caswell, Jr. - Shelby County, TN
  • Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor - Bronx County, NY
  • Terita Hewlett - Shelby County, TN
  • Vanessa LaFleur - Baton Rouge, LA
  • Tamikka Mapp - New York, NY
  • Hercules Reid - New York, NY
  • Erica Sugarmon - Shelby County, TN
  • Janika White - Shelby County, TN

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