Leaders of Color Louisiana Day at the Capitol

May 3, 2023

For the second year, we celebrated Leaders of Color Day at the Louisiana Capitol! Current fellows and alumni had the opportunity to engage with African American legislators, high ranking government officials, and lobbyists.  Fellows were able to engage directly to learn about leading as a person of color in the Louisiana government and impacting Black and Latinx communities across the state.

The day was filled with hands-on learning that aligns with the fellowship curriculum and organizational mission to make education better for Black and Latinx children across the state.  Fellows partook in the legislative process by testifying before House Committees, supporting aligned legislation and advocating against legislation that would ultimately be harmful to Black and Latinx children if passed.  Fellows joined Leaders of Color Alum and State Rep Vanessa Lafleur as she defended HB200 in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and submitted cards in support of the legislative instrument.  To conclude the day Leaders of Color Louisiana was proud to be recognized by Rep. LaFleur who was accompanied by the Louisiana Black Caucus delegation.

Check out the acknowledgement HERE.

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