Victor Horton

Victor Horton

Victor Horton is a native Virginian and has called Washington DC home for almost a decade. Over the years in DC, Victor has made a name for himself in the realms of politics and education. He has spent several years on Capitol Hill handling the education portfolios of electees, as well as assisting various non-profits with hearings on education and other advocacy efforts. He has also served as an elected official after he successfully ran for a Commission seat in the Nation’s capital.  During his tenure as Commissioner, Victor was able to increase partnerships for the city, successfully oversee the renovation of a public library, advocate for equity in school funding, and organize and manage neighborhood beautification projects.

Victor’s most recent professional experience include work for Leadership for Educational Equity, where he was charged with inspiring and coaching educators to become civically engaged by either participating in the policy making process, organizing, or running for elected leadership. Victor holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Virginia State University, a Master of Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Master of Education with a concentration in Public School Leadership from Columbia University.

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