DeJuana Thomspon

DeJuana Thomspon

Birmingham, Alabama

DeJuana L. Thompson is the creator of “Woke Vote” a program specifically designed to engage, mobilize and turnout an unprecedented percentage of African American millennial and faith based voters in Alabama. The program made over 100,000 contacts helping to propel a Democrat from Alabama to the U.S. Senate for the first time in 25 years. Thompson has over 15 years’ worth of diverse experience serving as a fierce community activist, political strategist and consultant. Prior to joining TR, Thompson served as National Deputy Director for Community Engagement and the National African American Engagement Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), where she managed relationships with national allied organizations on key strategies to engage various constituency groups. Before working at the DNC, Thompson was appointed by the White House to serve as a Senior Advisor in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) managing the agencies' national allied programming and outreach strategy particularly focused on increasing opportunities for minority-owned small businesses. Thompson also has significant experience working in Democratic politics, holding director level positions with Senator Cory Booker’s Senate Campaign; the 2013 Presidential Inauguration; serving on senior level staff for both of the Obama Presidential campaigns; and with the U.S. Congress in the office of Representative Artur Davis. Thompson got her start working in municipal politics as a Committee Assistant to the Birmingham City Council. She quickly expanded within this opportunity ultimately becoming the Special Projects Coordinator and Council Neighborhood Liaison working on engagement and programming with the 99 Birmingham neighborhood presidents. Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication (minor in African American studies) from Berea College and a Master’s Certificate in Effective Project Management from Rockhurst University. She is currently working toward a Master’s of Political Management from George Washington University. DeJuana currently serves as the Interim President of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

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