Judith Fenelus

Judith Fenelus

East Orange, New Jersey

Dedication, passion, and tenacity characterize Ms. Judith P.  Fenelus. Born in Miami, Florida, but raised in East Orange, New  Jersey, Ms. Fenelus is the proud daughter of Haitian immigrants.  She is currently the Chief of Staff to Assemblywoman Shavonda E.  Sumter of the 35th Legislative District. As Chief of Staff, Ms.  Fenelus advises the Assemblywoman on all Federal, State and  Local issues that impact the 35th Legislative District. She also  supervises staff, handles the press and other interest groups. In  addition to her role as Chief of Staff, Ms. Fenelus is an integral part of the Assemblywoman’s strategy team and advises her in the most critical and sensitive political areas. Ms. Fenelus’  career in politics, campaign work and government has spanned over 20 years. Upon completing  her undergraduate studies she was selected amongst many to serve as the Maxine Waters  Fellow in Washington D.C. Subsequently, after her fellowship she worked with the League of  Conservation Education Fund supporting Presidential candidate Al Gore. 

After the 2000 election, Ms. Fenelus served as the Political and Outreach Coordinator for the National Association of  Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) National Voter Fund. After three years in Washington  D.C, she returned to New Jersey where she has worked on several gubernatorial, municipal and  school board campaigns. Ms. Fenelus served as the Executive Director of the New Jersey State  Martin Luther King Jr. Commission for close to eight years where she created many innovative  programs. Ms. Fenelus also serves as a Political Coach for candidates across the country who  are running for office. She is passionate about bringing more young people and people of color  into the political arena. As an avid fighter for democracy, equal rights and restorative justice, she  believes that with much faith in God her efforts will not be in vain. 

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